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Privacy statement.

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

We ensure that personal data collection and processing are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Swiss date protection legislation. In all areas concerning online offers, we employ comprehensive resources and take organizational measures for the protection of unauthorized access, manipulation and data loss.

Information access to our public websites :

In principle, a request for information on our public websites needs no prior identification or the visitor. For statistical purposes and to optimize our offers, access devices technical date can be recorded and processed. This concerne the following specifications:

  • Data and time of the website request.

  • IP-Address of the terminal or internet access.

If you visit third parties "websites bia links on you leave our sphere of influence and thus the scope of application of this directive.

Communication of personal date in the public domain.

By freely informing us of your personal data, trough entries in a questionnaire or an order form, you consent to storage and processing of your data. The data will be kept inaccessible to third parties. The use of the data collected will be restricted to absolutely necessary information and used and stored only for processing the required procedure. Passing on the other persons or organisations will not occur without your express consent.

Use of websites in the private sector.

We offer our customers access via Login to personal date and related services.

Use of these services takes place in accordance with terms and conditions.

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